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In The Void Lyrics

Album Name : Eternal Winter's Prophecy
Release Date : 2005-01-01
Song Duration : 4:53

Catamenia In The Void

The time drifts backwards, to the moment of nothingness.
Only weeping and silent questions in the deep, deep dark.

There, somewhere, in the whirlwind of pain
her face gleams of satisfaction,
victory and glory light the hollow fields.
In the glow of the flames sounds the avalanche of thoughts.

For the moment of it`s birth
the heaven there awaits for nothing,
only calmness and the everlasting flow of the time dance,
wrap and join in it`s force.

There, somewhere, in the...

She casts the shadows, of the eternal night upon their souls.
The innocents yeild, drown in their benevolence.
For our hearts we wish the pain to bring the wisdom,
to give it`s power to crush the feeble,
in the void there is the lust of the dark.

There, somewhere, in the...

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