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For The Punx Lyrics

Casualties For The Punx

You Always Put Us Down
Because we spike our hair
Bondage trousers and dyed hair
I'll never change my ways

Don't tell me what to do
Don't tell me what to wear
I'm gonna do what I please
Cause that's the way we live

Who let these egotistical bastards
get into our scene
Preaching politics telling me how to be
They want to be preaching Anarchy
But I'll break their rules
I was never part of it

It's a way of life, never change our ways
It's a way of life for the punx of today
We play for you, we play for everyone
Power to the punx until the day we die

Never ever change your ways
Drunk punx of today
Oi! oi! we are here to stay
Spiky haire drunk punx
Oi! drunk punx of today

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