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Hollywood Lyrics

Album Name : Cartoon Trax - 1
Release Date : 1992-01-04
Song Duration : 00:07

Cartoons Hollywood


Since I was a little kitten I had a dream
My name in lights:
"Danny the Song and Dance Cat"
Got on a bus and came to the town where dreams can come true
It's gonna happen for me
It can happen for you

Who me?

You can do anything if you try
The most impossible dreams can come true
If you believe it!
This is my kinda town
It's as clear as the nose on your face!
This is the time!
This is the place!
This is the time!
This must be the place!

Where the streets are paved with gold!
Where the kitties never grow old!
In Hollywood!
Where the stars don't shine at night!
They walk around in the broad daylight
In Hollywood!

Dig that face
Ya a'int seen nothin' like it anyplace!
It's right upon that movie screen
If you know what I mean!
Look at me
I'm gonna be the cat to see!
I'm goin' down in history
Just watch me!

Where the streets are paved with gold!
Where dreams can never grow old!
Right here in Hollywood!

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