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One Good Turn Lyrics

Album Name : My True Name
Release Date : 1998-03-10
Song Duration : 3:22

Carrie Newcomer One Good Turn

Where do we start
How do we proceed
It's been such a long time
Just to sit here and bleed
It's hard enough to see you
A bit of a surprise
This bittersweet feeling
And the look in your eyes
Now one good turn deserves another
Let's at least try to be kind
Don't forget when things were better
In another life in another time
Oh in another time
When this started it was a lifetime ago
You were dying to tell me
And I was aching to know
You kissed me hard
Like a question mark
And we carved our names
On each other's hearts
There's no more pride for us to swallow
All that's left is a little scar
Isn't love too much to figure
So why are you laughing
And why am I smiling
You still feel good and your skin smells nice
It was a marriage of body and spirit
When I was yours
And you were mine

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