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Evilizer Lyrics

Carnal Forge Evilizer

We torture our selves, we pay we die, life is just another raw deal
Institution, searching for that angelfuck, just to find out it was all a lie
We were brought to this world just to destroy it, created to extinct each
Other, the human race breeding hate , enjoying pain we are all fed by lies

We're going down <i>[x2]
We will burn together <i>[x2]
We're going down <i>[x2]
We will all burn and die together, our happy faces,
Facing the ground

Now the world is just an open wound, but we still want to go deeper inside,
We all want more than we could ever spend, we are never satisfied

We are all waiting for the world to burn, we're all waiting for our luck to
Turn, soon we have all succeeded, we will be smoking dollars in eternal

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