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Wastin' Time With You Lyrics

Album Name : Little Love Letters
Release Date : 1993-06-18
Song Duration : 3:41

Carlene Carter Wastin' Time With You

Get out of bed you sleepy head
And shake a leg or two
The Sun is up, pour some coffee in the cup
The rent is way past due
Could I rewind the hands of time
Back to my wasted youth
I'd lay the days all out in a line
And waste my time with you
The freeway's like a parkin' lot
And I'm runnin' low on time
I'm workin' double shifts to find
I' barely scrapin' by
What I would give if I could live
The way the rich folks do
Just kickin' back in my Cadillac
And wastin' time with you
We could take the time so hard to find
And wrestle it to the floor
Then up and do nothin' like it's never been done before
Sometimes at night my thoughts ignite
In dreams of great escape
A couple of sticks of dynamite
And no more workin' late
I'm sure the cops would understand
They're workin' people too
And I'd like to take this chance to thank
Those hard workin' boys in blue
Just kickin' back in our Cadillac
And wastin' time with you
Just wastin' time with
I wanna be wastin' time with you

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