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Driving To Squamish Lyrics

Canadian Bush Party Driving To Squamish

Hometown girl, Home on a weekend
        I'm at home, alone and drinkin
        she's comin' over soon I'd rather watch the game
        third quarter play and the Lions are winnin', once again
        Chorus: She told me to kiss her where she stinks
        so I drove her to Squamish (repeat)
        She stumbles through the door wearin', Ruby red lipstick
        Smellin' of cheap perfume, whiskey, beer and cigarettes
        She wants to make love to me but it's under duress.
        Because I've seen what's under that little pink dress
        I needed to get some air and I told her so
        Off to the Mr. G, Come on...LETS GO
        Jumped into my duct-taped bondoed Honda Civic
        Hit the gas and headed out beyond the city limits
        Bridge: Drivin' Along the Sea to Sky...Highway
        She wonders where we're goin' for beer....

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