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Ain't The First Time Lyrics

Cameron Daddo Ain't The First Time

I could've been Joan of Arc
Or on a late night talk show
I could've been a mad man
Or that iceman in the snow
I could've been Jimmy Dean
Or Cleopatra's guard
You could've been my lover babe
And died right in my arsm
You see this ain't the first time
I've been around
This ain't the first time this soul's touched
the ground
Well I know where I'm goin'
I know where I've been
And one thing is for sure honey
This time will come again
We hear people talk of heaven
We live in some kind of hell
It's lucky time goes round and round
For we'd never be able to tell
Well I may have missed you now
But I'll keep lookin' for your eyes
I'll know it when I see you
That look time won't disguise
Repeat chorus

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