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Rain Lyrics

Album Name : 1993
Release Date : 2013-12-05
Song Duration : 3:44

Cam Meekins Rain

Yeah yo
I'm a crazy aversion with 6 verses, single ladies
Sittin in shawty with Wayne Brady in Mercedes
Benz driving lefty going 80 in a 10
Maybe it's cause your busy masturbating with a friend
You don't see this next level shit that we on we got you
Smoking in the matrix with Keanu in a hospital
Receiving sedatives I should probably get some better friends
See my mom screaming through the glass please let him live
Smoked out brain cells
Piss it don't aim well
Probably cause I just drank some liquor now my name yelled
Across the globe women see me in the road
Take 'em back to the hotel and they can see me in the robe
Woah, I'm not a f..cking carbon copy of these other dudes
Make 'em say Mmmm like an upside down 'W'
I been spittin' it rappin' I get bitches to tap it
I been ballin' like Nowitski and the Mavericks
Bitch I make classics and never take class
But you never see the bigger picture like some reading glasses
I said it, I meant it
Never f..cking forget it
My raps lame make a hater get hard like some head shit
This is probably just some shit to roll a doobie up
Knew that Matty had my back before he even threw me up
I quit'selling weed knew I had to stop man
Used to push zips in the suburbs like bach win
I do it all rap pop so get your shit up
Then I can write a radio smash and get my dick sucked
Get up get up
It's a stick up stick up
Cause I shoot beats with lyric ammunition nition
And I don't wanna stop
You will never see me
I'm like some f..cking hot sauce
When you burn a CD
Cause you put my shit on everything
Knew that I would make it to the top
I know I'm better than
All of these bitches coming out right now
If you ain't got no respect shit your mouth right now
This little bitch was tryna tell me that he Hollywood
Get your production game up man you probably should
Nothing personal my raps would f..cking murder you
And then my microphone would take the rap and f..cking surgical
With words sharper than fake shanks
Up in your cervical
Or get nervous and throw up in your mother f..cking thermos
So who's next to get took
I spit dank and get cooks
So back the f..ck off
Cause I don't need another f..cking hook
No man I don't need a mother f..cking hook
Get the f..ck back cause I don't need a mother f..cking hook
Yeah 1993, 3
Fuck it I got one more
Ready yo
My name is
CMP and I'm here to make an agreement
With any tracks that I f..cking smash down on the scene man
6 feet up I'm staying up high
And my team f..cks with all the best beats till we die
Yeah that's what I stand for
What I make all my plans for
The coldest rapper here so I keep my pockets with hand warms
I'm the man for all the labels they don't see me
But why should I care when everybody wanna be me
Uh from a to z be
My flow alphabetical
I spit it as medical
Burn trees like a seminal
Raps turn your throat up in your ear
I still be that fresh man in my senior year
Switch flows for the fun of it
I'm a run with it
I'm a king on the MI-
See I just come with it
I ain't done with it never gonna be done with it
Planning to get famous
As soon as autumn or summer hit
I stay studying
Paper bags in my back pack
Text books full of fat stacks
That I get from this rap crap
Flow sweet like the first bite of a flapjack
Flow nasty like a gross plumbers ass crack
Rappers going and leaving I put the beat in my sleeve
And just make magic like a smart don't I see man
I been rapping since I was in 4th grade
Now they tryna tell me Cam you don't even make the grade
But what's an A when I'm a be what they see
On the television late night
Or even MTV
So, schools just another marketing tactic
So shout out to all the principals that got my back bitch

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