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Pleased To Meet You Lyrics

Album Name : Last Parade (Deluxe Version)
Release Date : 2012-06-05
Song Duration : 3:21

Call Me No One Pleased To Meet You

Let's see let's go I'm thinking you decide on where we run
These words and faces stripped away my soul again
The devil told you can justify your way through every thing
That's right I said it first escape is here fair weather friends

Damn I get the point, don't drive it home
(Please to meet you now I'm gone)
I fake a smile to everyone (just to get a rise)
Save your breath I think it's time - now let it go
So make your point and move along
(Please to meet you now I'm gone)

I see you think I'm special something cool and close to magical
I'm stuck here selling mud and dirt to the kids again
My angel saved me from the depths of hell I swear she really did
That's right you said it best - there's no escape for you my friend

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