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Cold And Clear Lyrics

Cajsa Siik Cold And Clear

[Verse 1]
Wake me up
I turn in
This day is cold but clear
And you said
‘I don't know who to turn to no more'
All I know there's a reason to stay
Wasting time (hm)

[Verse 2]
Common sense
Speak the truth
Is that why you call me insane?
So you
Turn to God while I turn to you
And I wish you goodbye when you go
Wasted time

(Oh, ohhh)
(Oh, ohhh)

[Verse 3]
Cross that line together now
Bring me back what was mine
And while I wait for you to count us in
Somehow you seem so alive
By my side

(Oh, ohhh)
(Oh, ohhh)
(Oh, ohhh)
(Oh, ohhh)
(Oo, oo, oo)

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