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Kingdom Lyrics

Album Name : Back Home
Release Date : 2001-10-09
Song Duration : 4:28

Caedmons Call Kingdom

I was a pilgrim in early life I traveled at night Bound for Jordan just ten miles north Of a civil war Immersed in mercy in holy flood That mingled with blood My sextant headed for homebound lands Through twilight sands But I grew weary and too far-gone To carry on At first my home and my empire soon Would there assume I'm watching my kingdom tumbling down You're flooding my refuge underground My kingdom for angels, mighty surround To take me away from here A sea of sand came through fiery pass A sea of glass An ivory fortress and turret's stell Would swift reveal The gods of beast and of sun and sky With banners high Were worshipped in their six temple's fold Of desert gold In summer's sting, as the sages say The sand gave way My empire capsized at vanity's cost And all were lost I'm watching my kingdom crumble and fall You're building Your kingdom over all I'm cursing my wisdom while the angels I call To take me away, to take me away from here

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