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Exorcism To Chaos Lyrics

Album Name : In Your Blood
Release Date : 2013-10-08
Song Duration : 4:17

Cadaveria Exorcism To Chaos

No time to be religious
No space for individual research.
No time to be religious
Disclose your cervical case
And see enlightened reality is more obscure than a solar eclipse.
Don't barricade yourself in your cocoon of selfishness.
Come out from your comfortable crypt,
from your precious temple,
from your private ritual room,
perfumed with rare spiritual oils.
Keep control of your blood, be conscious of your fragile consistence
and realize others' presence is stronger then your fear...
Let your conscience overcome the boundaries of convention,
And give your mind a rest on this absurd state of entropy.
Contaminated by the vulgar dirt, infected by the morbid plague.
Let your individual prayer become a collective exorcism to chaos.
Open your gangrenous eyes
and see terrible terror everywhere.

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