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For The Love Freestyle Lyrics

Ca$his For The Love Freestyle

Smoke a doob, feelin cl Smooth
Watch full of Pete Rocks and she see no crew
Money spent, watch me reminisce over you
Abion flow, get hit with the bird flew
Cop it, new beat I'ma rock it
Kanye on your own shit, like Affion Crockett
Hoes go pop it, pussy sales, bitch get the profit
Now split it with me, evidently
On my team and haters gon' hate me
For whatever I sing but remain unseen
Like the heat in my jeans
Paint a picture so vivid niggas could live in my dream
Wait on the beam cause you can't go bitchy when you talkin' 'bout ki's
F..ck waitin' get cheese, put that on a G
Ballin' now, but just keep it low-key
Niggas know me, smoke weed, hella hoes on the team
Different chick if I wanna have a fling
I'm gettin' all this P for my niggas in the bing
Live vicariously through me
I'm cursed to the death like the one Bruce Lee
But I'm flyer than a crow, you gon' have to shoot me
Hit the gas on the ave. In the slab movin' bags
Take a drag, then I laugh
Success will make 'em mad
And jealousy's a trait for fags
You must got a boot loaded, so close your ass, bitch
Shouts to all my folks and the cash gets
Love 'em forever my nigga, this Cashis
Niggas know me from Uni, with the mothafuckin' tooly
Sophisticated, girls'll turn groupie for a nigga with the hoopty
Keep 'em in my zone like a 2-3
A biscuit and a two-piece, pimp
Cadilac roll on the strip
Bury me in this bitch like I'm Willy the Wimp
If there's something you don't get, nigga study the shit
Or live your life as a dumb f..cked son of a bitch
Wayne got these dudes Bloods till they run into Crips
And they ain't tryna hear rap shit, they 600 with it
Two B's, one G forever
Like the gay Cub, Bradley
I tried to leave the street but a nigga gotta eat
Keep my fam straight, my only choice is to G
I'm livin' that thug life, y'all know the rules "gotta do what you gotta do"
Stay true, steady send the prayers to Jesus
Thinkin' forwards, aim juice, I pay dues
And get paid the same move
A real nigga, drinkin' Henny straight
F..ck the chase I'ma take it to the face
On a highspeed chase if the cops wanna chase
Get winded, still ended
F..ck it, so spliffed it
F..ck with it, puffin' to a bucket to a Benz
Chillin' with my friends now a nigga countin' ends
Big face hundreds, big face fifties
Come spend with me
I'm talkin' big face hundreds, big face fifties
Nigga come spend with me

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