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Americas Nightmare Lyrics

Album Name : The Autopsy
Release Date : 1994-01-01
Song Duration : 4:42

C-bo Americas Nightmare

[Verse 1]
22 years old, bold with much guts
O.G. from the hood kickin' up dust
Once I got ya, no one can save ya
Fresh out the swamp, a neighborhood gator
One-times want some action, I'm paper lapped and taxin'
Bo dropped them like the Jacksons
Dont sing, down with Rodney King
Solo on the scene, let my dick swing
F..ck the white man and his plan
America's nightmare is who the f..ck I am
six-feet and dark skin, with skills of a marksman
kill at will when I feel like barkin'
So step to my left side, as I aim with my right eye
'Cause at the end all the whites die
Pay is what you owe
I'll have a hundred and fifty billion blacks at the
white house front do'
And I wont eat pork on a God-damn mission
and no I'm not a member of the Muslim religion
Platinum, one million stackin'
Flood the hood with tapes, now everybody's rappin'
And jackin' so how it happen, captain
It's the general, sucka no, indo with the fo' fo'
Auto mag saggin' without a rag
One in the chamber, ready for the f..ckin' danger
Call up your boys, its worser then the watts riot
Whitey got his buck stopped in the violence
Lyrics that flow, letting your punk-ass know
Standing right here's America's Nightmare

[Verse 2]
Walk like I'm on my way to execution
A.K. in my hand is what I'm usin
Confusin fools run up and catch the bruisin
Tatoo's under rest in peace cause of the music
I'm hard-core, six deep in a ford explorer, ready for
the f..ckin war
So when it's on take cover
A.K's dance from the gutter, thick gloves for the
No finger tips so there's no evidence
Plus I dumped the A.K's in the ditch
Hit the switches, f..ck the bitches
I'm a killah, hardcore nappy head guerilla
Soudin like cube, so give the president the bad news
Another ex-con with flow, fool
No tatoo's so you cant mark me
Down with my sista's, FUCK charles barkley
Send me to the war, and I'll push the button
America's Nightmare saggin' and struttin'
F..ck the coppers, let 'em have it with the choppers
Trigger happy like "O-Dawg", trick, America's Nightmare

[Verse 3]
It's that locced out madness that got these steel toes
And its that henn though that got me drunk as a
Bangin' like pots and pans 'fore day he yells
Thousand watts 15's on thangs with no L's
America's nightmare, strapped to a tee
Cocked and ready to bust it's that H.K. forty
im known to get further on the block then white P.D.
get out of sight quickly, dump when im tipsy
crip-made hookers im the one that you fear
america's night, motherfuckin' mare
uhh, so bring it on when its on
fools strapped up back to back then i make that call to
the dome
i got bounce like a baller but im real like air dog
and when it gets funky i attack like a bear hog
dawg, so pick a bone with the next man
Cause I, am, a crazy lunatic man
i crease my own khaki', you fools can't jack me
or eat a strap of fully loaded mac daddy
and dont give a f..ck, plus cant wait to buck
full pump slugs will catch you 'fore that ass ducks
fool i gets even, steven aint even breathin
f..cked and bucked him, eternal bleedin'
on the concrete, passed away like some bomb weed
f..ck freddy, its me trick: America's nightmare

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