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I Wanna Be Lyrics

Album Name : Major Praiser
Release Date : 2013-04-13
Song Duration : 5:24

Brandon I Wanna Be

Have you ever had a day,
Or a time,
When you just wanna give up,
You just feel like dying,
You just don't feel like you can do anything?

It's just another one of those days!
Here we go now,
Here we go now!
1! 2! 3!
Yo those days just suuuuuuuuck!
You get tired tired of 'eeeeem
I wanna get over them,
I wanna move on!
I wanna be somethin,
I don't wanna be gone!

I don't wanna be nothin' (Yeah)
I wanna be somethin' (That's what I'm saaayin')

Yeah, I don't wanna be nothin' (Yeah)
I wanna be somethin' (That's what I'm sayin')
(chorus ends)

I'm gonna do it,
I'm not gonna give up!

I'm gonna reach it!
I'm not gonna fall down!

I wanna do somethin',
I wanna be needed!
I want to be kept,
I wanna be remembered (yeah)!

These days again just suuuuuck!
I wanna move on,
But I can't!
I gotta finish what I start and not back down!


I wanna give up (g-g-g-give),
I wanna end it right now (r-r-r-r-right now),
I wanna SSSTTTOOOPPP everything (e-e-e-v-v-erything),
I wanna go back!
Back to where it all starts,
I wanna take it back,
Take back so this never,
It never ever happens!

I want to go back,
Back to the past,
I want to erase,
The things that I've done,
The years that I've waisted,
These fears that I've been facin',
I wanna restart!


(ending fades)
I want to be somethin',
Something impppooorrrrtant.

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