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I Still Believe Lyrics

Album Name : Public Display of Aggression
Release Date : 2006-03-01
Song Duration : 2:31

Boy Kicks Girl I Still Believe

Little girl, I know you've got problems,
But it seems I'm the biggest one of all.
I don't give in so easily.
Even though you took it upon yourself,
To f..ck me over time and time again,
You know I still believe. Still believed in...

You lie all day, and you lie all night!
And you're always looking for a fight!
Yet, somehow I still believed in you!
You hurt me once, then you hurt me twice!
Your eyes so cold, your heart is made of ice!
Somehow I still believed in you!

One day when you turn your head,
All the things you did,
They'll come right back to you!

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