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Nichijyou Lyrics

Bo Ningen Nichijyou

Now, I feel like I might went too far into my head
To somewhere I have never been before
Now, jumping to somewhere unknown
It's like jumping off the train
Like the one in my head all the time
I'm going through the entrance gate and
Stairways to the platform of my life
I feel like I just got the stage of my life
At the very moment, the sliding door of the train of life tells the truth, I was still standing at the platform
The thing like this or that
The thing like these or those
It's all in my mundane life
Oh, don't think you can't be help as you think you don't know what the hell is going on
Maybe you won't feel anything if you grab it
Maybe because you don't know what is going on. Something you don't understand the thing of you do not really understand
You know you can actually make it to that slightly bending feeling
The bending feeling of the train rails
I saw it from my platform
Where I am standing on once again now
I was taken by the train called life

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