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The Move, Pt. 3 Lyrics

Blittz & Big Tobz The Move, Pt. 3

[Verse: 1]
Wagwan it's like half one
We must look bookey, just parked up
Yeah I know this, plus this girl needs to make my man leave before the dance done
I swear you said about 1-ish
Yeah I did
You might as well at least text her
I'll give her 20 more minutes
It's not easy to pattern under pressure
Here dat
Mad ting
She must have heard you gassing
Shut up
She saying my man's acting
We might have to drive up local and grab him
Uhh, swear down he's acting you're buzzing bro
What do you mean?
That sounded kinda scatty but f..ck it tho
Come we spin there now cuz your gyal ain't certi and you know me I can't trust a hoe
Yeah, yeah, yeah let's go then
My girl's patterned, rate my ting
I'll drive there, you can drive back
Just in case I'ma take my ting
F..ck sake Blittz
This wasn't supposed to be a bait move
If this dont go to plan then I blame you
Fam stop moaning, It is what it is bruv
Cool lets roll come we look for this waste yute
Actually, Actually come we go inside the club yeah and blend in innit so we can pree his movements properly
You wanna go inside the club fam?
Yeah cuz
Ahh (What you saying?) that's dead man I haven't even got a trim fam

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