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Walk The Walk Lyrics

Album Name : Bittersweet
Release Date : 2013-01-23
Song Duration : 4:20

Bittersweet Walk The Walk

(Verse 1)
Some people say that they can walk the walk, but they just talk the talk. Well let me tell you I can walk the walk real good, baby. So you say that you can walk the walk well baby listen to me Iíve walked the walk and this is how it goes.

Take a step forward donít look back thereís something in the future there ainít nothiní in the past. Look around; say ya like what ya see. Look at me, and walk the walk baby.

(Verse 2)
So now you took my advice and used it well. You on top of da world, but youíve forgotten Ďbout me. Donít you see Iím the one for you; you the one for me, you might like what you see but there is more to me than just a pretty lilí girl. So baby please.


(Verse 3)
And now you see Iím up high too, I can walk the walk and talk the talk. And just guess the best part, this girl is available. Why donít ya give up on that lilí video girl? She wasnít worth your time, so go for someone who is, maybe me oh baby donít you realize the love I wanna give you isnít cheap.


(Verse 4)
Well she can talk the talk but she canít walk the walk honey you need someone who cares for you just take a step forward right to me; like what you see and kiss me please, walk the walk right into my arms ohhh baby!!!!


(Chorus 2)
Take one step forward no steps back there could be someone in the future just say you love me too and Iím for U to the ends of this planet. WALKÖ. THAT Ö.WALKÖ.to me BABY.

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