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True Praise Lyrics

Release Date : 1993-10-15
Song Duration : 7:27

Bishop Paul S. Morton True Praise

True praise,
I want to give you
true praise.

Not just from the lips of me,
only from the heart of me,
true praise

not just for the melody,
not just for wonderful harmony,
but true praise...

(Sopranos) Is what I want to offer You,
(Altos/Tenors) I want to offer You true praise.

Not for the crown that You give me,
as I try to run this race,
I want to behlod Your face,
I want to thank You for Your saving grace,
but most of all I want to give You praise.

For the rest of my eternal life,
I want to give You
hallelujah, thank you Jesus, and for your glory;
real true, genuine praise...

Is what want to offer(Sopranoe Repeat)
you(sop hold out note)

*Alto and Tenor*

I want to(Slow)
I want to(slow)
I want to(fast)
I want to offer you

True Praise

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