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Chlorine Lyrics

Birthh Chlorine

I thought love was enough
But truth is love is dead
I'm pretending I'm a ghost
So you can sleep well in your bed
But you just make me sick
And you just haunt my dreams
Like a demon in my head that kills
The happiness in me

You're not wanted here, you're not wanted here
And I'd rather drown into the sea than let you save me
And you make me sick, and you make me sick
And I'd rather fall into the void than cling to your limbs

And you're a soulless creature
And you're death's worst feature
And you just pretend that you're a saint but you're a godless preacher
And you just make me scream
You're chlorine in my veins
The blood flooding to my brain
The times I begged for you to stay

You're not wanted here
You're not wanted here
You're not wanted here

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