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Halfway Off The Balcony Lyrics

Big Sean Halfway Off The Balcony

I am ready right now
Uh huh
I look up, I don't even...
I think it's funny how it go down
I don't even know no more
Official shit

I'm hangin' halfway off the balcony
Overthinkin' 'cause my job is way more than a salary
Everything around me gold like I just practiced alchemy
I realized when it comes to girls
That chemistry means way more than anatomy
She mad at me, she been mad at me

I'm the livin' proof that you don't need a master's just to be a masterpiece
People passin' faster than I'm passin' weed
My daddy tell me, "Stay strong, son and be the man you have to be
Holdin' shit down, don't crash at sea"
Brrrr Paper on my phone line
It's on my phone like fax for me, that's facts to me
But I don't want it if it can't change shit drastically, dramatically
'Cause actually, I realized time's the most valuable, actually
So I'ma call my favorite girl and she gon' bring that ass for me
And as for me, I'ma text the room number right now
So you ain't gotta hit the front desk and go ask for me
Don't ask for me, don't ask for me
Don't ask for me
Lot of shit been goin' on, things goin' wrong
So don't ask for me

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