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Sleepy People Lyrics

Bettye Crutcher Sleepy People

Sleepy people, sleepy people, feeling our way through life in a daze
Sleepy people, sleepy people, we're gonna stumble and fall on our face

We're upside down when we oughta be, rightside up
How much will it take, to make us understand?
The little love we feel, inside, behind
Our greatest pleasure is grippin' game on our fellow man
We're forced to ride on a merry-go-round of sadness, draggin'your children along behind you
One more pill and it takes you away from the madness
So there's no use in asking your point of view

Sleepy people, sleepy people, tell me whats going on in your mind
Sleepy people, sleepy people, how can you sleep in these troubled times?

Prices going up, employment going down
There's a shortage on everything but ani-mos-ity
Little babies cryin', mothers can't be found
Teenagers leaving home with no hope to be free

We're forced to ride on your merry-go-round of sadness, he needs help but who can he turn to?
Peace and love are the only keys to gladness, but he's lookin at a locked door when he's lookin at you

Sleepy people (wake up!), you ought wake up to love (wake up!)
Sleepy people (wake up!), you oughta wake up to love
Let your love light shine (Wake up, wake up, wake up...to love) Yeah...
Put your hand in mind (Wake up, wake up, wake up!...to love)
Get off your merry-go-round (Wake up, wake up, wake up!...to love)
Get on the merry-go-round of love and care (Wake up, wake up, wake up!...to love)
Sleepy people (Wake up, wake up, wake up!...to love) dont you feel yourself stumb-ling around, sleepy people
Don't you hear that (Wake up, wake up, wake up! ...to love) weird sound?

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