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The Prophecy Lyrics

Album Name : Tempus Apocalypsis
Release Date : 2012-01-01
Song Duration : 4:05

Besatt The Prophecy

Heaven was opened widely
A white horse rider
His robes drowns in blood
And eyes like flame of fire

Behind him
On white horses
Army of heaven
Dressed in silk

Sword in archangels hand
Hits all nations
By his iron rod he forces
Obedience to God

And I saw another angel standing in sun
And he called all flying birds
Gather for the great God's feast
To eat corpses of kings, leader, all of them

Beast and the rest of kings of the earth
Demons with legions of the hell
Stood against the white angel
To fight with the army of heaven

On black horses
Army of Hell
Dressed in leather

Beast was caught in fierce battle
Angel opened the abyss
Interjected and sealed the Beast
The rests of the bodies were eaten by birds

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