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The Coven Lyrics

Below The Coven

On this fateful evening the mist lies thick on the ground
The moon is full and the trees reach for the sky
The black veil of the night embraces my soul
I feel a strange magic is beckoning me from beyond

I'm drawn to a place
Of witchcraft and evil

All around me the shadows dance with the dead
Their bodies twisting and turning in abnormal ways
Chanting in trance, speaking their unholy prayers
Like a puppet on string I obey their every command

I'm under a spell
At a witches coven

They say the devil is here with us tonight
In this ritual of blood and fire
In ecstasy I dance with tears in my eyes
Give in to darkness and let go
Kiss the lord below

Waking up with a scream from a twisted dream
My body's aching, got bruises and cuts on my skin
The blood in my veins running cold as I realize
That I'll wear the mark of the beast for eternity

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