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Holla Lyrics

Album Name : Too Hot for T.V.
Release Date : 2005-08-01
Song Duration : 1:03

Bad Boy's Da Band Holla

[Freddie P:] Big Shout out to little Fp
[Babs:] Bently
[Dylan:] Mr. Becklty
[F:] HP, Whole Bad boys Staff, Diddy himself
[B:] Dophat
[F:] Tracy
[Sara:] don't even ask
[D:] the namous
[B:] phil, ally
[City:] john press n..er
[B:] we Da Band baby,
Bad boy newest generoution baby.
Don't get it twiste this is not a game.
My boy freddie p, my gurl Sara Stokes,
Elliot Ness, Babs bunny sara (heyya) choppa city,
Dyan the jilinger, yall stay focus, this is not a game,
Brooklyn stand the f..ck up, MIA stand up, new orlens,
Long island, West indies, Michigan,
Philly, holla at your gurl.

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