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32nd Of December Lyrics

Album Name : Down In Albion
Release Date : 2005-11-14
Song Duration : 3:08

Babyshambles 32nd Of December
Speak, I Don't talk about it
Speeak, Don't want to know all about it
Arguing with you's no good
You'll be nobody's fool but you'll almost speak... Don't talk about it

Don't talk about the 32nd of December
Oh, thats the night I'm trying so hard to forget
All you do is you come around and then I'll remember
Remember what I try, oh that I, what I...

Speak, don't talk about it
Speak, don't wanna know all about it

Anybody want tea?
Did anybody, thank you? ah f..ck me
But don't speak
And don't talk about it

Don't you talk about the 32nd of December
Thats the night I'm trying so hard to forget
All you do is you phone me, and I remember
Remember what I try
That I, what I...
Speeak, don't wanna talk about it.

Well it was you not I
Who was such a stickler for manners
So don't you say goodbye
No, not to a good old friend, ah goodbye
GoodbyeStill, don't talk about it
Still, you don't want to know about it

If they ask me nicely then I'll go
But they never do, so I'll never do

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