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Is This The Intro? Lyrics

Amer Rico Is This The Intro?

[Prelude: Amer Rico]
Is this shit on?
Are you guys recording this?
Is this it?
Is this the intro?
None of y'all gone answer me?
In the mean time can i get a f..cking, drink?
Maybe like some beer or something, i don't know
I'm starting to feel like I'm talking to myself

[Chorus: Amer Rico]
I'm in doubt (Cause I don't even know)
Doubt of it all (I don't even Know)
Doubt of myself (I don't even Know)
Will i fall, will I rise
Will i fall, will I rise
I am in doubt
I'm searching for some clarity
Doubt of it all
Cause i dont even know
Doubt of myself
I'm searching for some clarity
Will i fall, will I rise
Will i fall, will I rise

[Verse: Amer Rico]
Searching for the answers, in the wrong places (Places)
Had to change cities, meet new faces (Faces)
Why I sound so high, maybe cause I'm faded
Urgh! Life is amazing and (Life is amazing)
It is such a gift to be alive (be alive)
The future is unknown, the present is a surprise (is a surprise)
I have never been more confused (more confused)
I'm 20 and i ain't got shit to lose (shit to lose)
The possibilities, are like infinity
Limitations are, set by negativity
Young 'nigga' from a city of dreams
Out here without my team, Scheme hard on repeat
Never down on my feet, Optimistic I am
Working hard to balance both, doing the best that I can
I'm a young prodigy, f..ck 'niggas' who deny
Tragedies up in my life, sometimes I got to ask why
Does bad shit mostly happen to good people (Good People)
If this is it or are we living in a sequel (in a sequel)
My cousin is 30 some, and she's with battling cancer (cancer)
See im in doubt and i just need to hear some answers (answer)
Call after cal keep ringing, that's standard (standard)
Bottle after bottle, keep drinking, calm the anger

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