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Mirrors Lyrics

Album Name : Secrets
Release Date : 2006-02-17
Song Duration : 4:52

All:my:faults Mirrors
Look through the mirror of reality – a world of happiness
and fun between the melancholy of trusted loyalty – inside
our hearts there's a place called home – a place called
earth – a place in our world where no one is alone – do I
have a choice in my life – could I break the innercircle of
blind faith – and if I'm down – could I rise? And when I'm high
distorted signs seem to show me the way of life.
What if everything that's around us – what if everything we
love and try to live in is falling down – is falling under
ground zero – the beginning of the end – trust becomes
distrust – love turns to hate – brotherliness becomes
hostility – remember the history – the circle is closing in
time – but if I keep the faith in myself – could I break its
All darkness of the world
Can't prevent a little candle from shining
And all the winds that hatred brings
Can't blow out the faithful lightning
Through the mirrors of reality – I've seen the hatred of the
human being – and it was cruel – it was horrid – all these
corpses and I smelled their decay – no church to help no
priests were there to pray – for their souls – the world
was lost – because we had forgotten our roots – we had
forgotten why we live and now I turn back from the fictive –

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