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Defiance Through Fear Lyrics

Album Name : Into the Killing Fields
Release Date : 2011-10-01
Song Duration : 4:13

All Out War Defiance Through Fear

Call it progression
Yet they see regression
Trapped in a struggle with no way out
Been thirsting for truth but drowning in lies
Caught in confusion and lost within doubt
Days of illusions give way to delusions while searching for solace that they will never find
Cursed with awareness and blinded with madness
Take this injustice and leave it behind
Redemption is near
Defiance through fear

Chains of oppression will give way to aggression
The masses they cant take much more
They seek retribution through mass revolution
It looks like we are headed towards war
The weak proclaim their discontent, no longer to live in fear
No longer will they be victims, trapped in a void of deceit
Calls for redemption and absolution for all this grief
In fear they struggle to survive
Trying to escape genocide
Seek out the answers, their time is in doubt
Only to find there is no way out

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