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Inner Evil Lyrics

Alister Inner Evil

Something strange... Is taking control of my mind and soul...
I am not the same
This odd feeling... Slowly begins to run through my veins...
Oh, God... it's like poison

This evil inside me
Brings me down to my knees
It's taking me over
Every second's like an endless pain
"Destroy... Kill... Lie... Steal... "
These words rumble in my head
Who are you? Tell me!
"I am all the evil inside of you!"

I am descending
Sinking into your sinister control
I will not obey you
But killing you is killing myself
"I am you"
You are just my imagination
"You cannot avoid me"
I will find my salvation

I fight against myself trying to kill the beast
To kill the thing that has my name and eats me from within
I fight to be free again, I am not a slave
But still I am bleeding for I am killing myself

"You are weak"
Go away and leave me be!
"You cannot live without me"
I will not listen to you!
"You and me - we are one"
I won't let you control my mind!
"I will supersede you"
No, I will win this fight!

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