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Saintfilth Lyrics

Aliengates Saintfilth

What about the love? Let's talk about the shadows that darken your eyes
Tell me 'bout your hate! Are you forced by these voices raging in your mind?
Are you trapped in a world where we'll never meet again?
You remain inside what we can't believe, what we will never see

Saintfilth! Crouching in lies
Saint filth works in despise

Show your fatal greed! Set your furious anger free from it's cage
Incisions in your need? Your strained wound will never heal
Eradicated seed! Will there be a bloom in the spring of another time
Open your scars again and again and again:

Saintfilth! Crouching in lies
Saint filth words in disguise

Now the thorn in your eyes
Will crush your deeds!

Saintfilth! Crouching in lies
Saint filth worlds of mine
Saint filth worlds shall die
Worlds are mine
Worlds must die

I am chaos, I'm alive
And I tell you that you are free!!!

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