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Imagination Lyrics

Album Name : Alice Peacock
Release Date : 2002-09-03
Song Duration : 4:30

Alice Peacock Imagination
Another night alone
Wishing you were holding me
Staring at the phone
This is nothing new for me

Days seem like forever
When I'm missing you this way
I can keep you with me
Even when I'm far away

I'm using my imagination
Building a re-creation
Making it talk like you
Love me like you do
You show up
Picture perfect and you shine

Even in my mind
Underneath the stars
This is where we'll meet tonight
I will bring the flowers

You pick out your favorite wine
I carry you with me each day
Everywhere I go
I'm alright, I'll be okay

I wanted you to know
Is it cold there where you are
You at home and me
I'm on another interstate

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