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Untidy Suicides Lyrics

Album Name : The Untidy Suicides of Your Degenerate Children
Release Date : 1992-04-14
Song Duration : 4:49

Alice Donut Untidy Suicides
my brain is bleeding?
it's been dismembered by rabid dogs
your mouth is frothing with a disease
it's all so festive it's all for me

my christmas necktie your nice red boots
asphyxiation from your silk noose
you pull it harder you watch me die
and I shoot backwards into time

and I see into the past
as it's burning? down my neck
a thousand suicides a night
a hundred days of shopping left

I regain conscious
my legs convulse
you whisper to me
you feel my pulse
my blood is throbbing
? you breath
your body's pressed up against me

I'm very fond of the special things that you do for me

cut her down
just cut her down
I already told you
I don't know

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