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Back Off Lyrics

Alex Spore Back Off

I've had enough of your silly games,
I guess our love kinda went up in flames.
Had enough of you all together.
And had enough of you makin' me wear leather.
I really think think that this should end,
Cause i can't take you makin out with my best friend so,

Just back off,
Step away, yeah.
Back off,
Leave me alone.

Take your stuff and leave mine,
I hope that'll be fine, yeah.
I'll give you till next monday,
To get up and go away.
I'll file for a restraining order,
It'll only cost me 10 bucks and a quarter so,

Back off,
Step Away, yeah.
Back off,
Leave me alone, hit it now.

Back off,
Step away, yeah.
Back off,
Leave me be.

Step away.
Leave me be, yeah.

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