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Skinny Lyrics

Album Name : Springboard
Release Date : 2007-05-15
Song Duration : 3:08

Alex Bevan Skinny

Shazam! Feelin' grand, guess I'll mosey into town
Raise hell all around, I'm gonna have a good time
Damn! You bet I am, gonna boogie till I'm blind
I got a quart a dollar wine ta get myself primed
Runnin' down the road I got the back tires smokin'
The highway's open, not a cop in sight
No red light flashin's gonna hamper my action
My path is clear and my timing's right
Cause I'm a Skinny little boy from Cleveland Ohio
Come to chase your women and drink your beer

Second gear down main street and roarin' into town
Women grab your children, bolt the doors and shut her down
They're peekin' out from windows while the menfolk pray
They speak in frightened whispers and the weak ones faint
Is it a bird, is it a plane, is it a demon in the air
Or a fire breathin' baby eatin' mother beatin' bear
Is it murder, is it rape, is it the watergate tapes
Or a mere hallucination caused by folks from outer space
No it's a Skinny little boy from Cleveland Ohio
Come to chase your women and drink your beer

Oh my, and here you are, you see him stride into the bar
He's got a girl on every arm and two or three to spare
Yeah, ain't he neat, dressed to kill from head to feet
The tavern quiets down, the people stare in disbelief
He's got chrome plated platforms nine inches high
Batteries in the sole with neon lights on the side
A patent leather jacket with a picture on the back
It's Marilyn in the nude with some writing on her ass
It says Skinny little boy from Cleveland Ohio
He's come to chase your women and drink your beer

Stand aside from the bar if you haven't come to drink
You throw your water in the sink and give me whiskey in my glass
The bourbon tastes mean but it sure beats listerine
Gets your breath twice as clean, and high twice as fast
Run out of Wild Turkey, Jack Daniels is fine
Keep your Gin and tonic, your old ripple wine
Tequila and a pinch or even vodka's all right
I got a ringin' in my ears and a burnin' in my eyes
And I'm a Skinny little boy from Cleveland Ohio
Come to drink your women and chase your beer

So people now you know my story and you're aware of my curse
Of how this decent model citizen was changed by lust and thirst
You take heed of my warning, you walk the straight and narrow trail
You shun the gaily painted ladies, bright lights and booze as well
Or you'll be sittin' all alone watching TV home in bed
Your skin'll start to prickle and your hands'll start to sweat
You'll reach for the bottle just as sure as I stand
You'll raise it to your lips, you'll take a drink and then Shazam!
You're a Skinny little boy from Cleveland Ohio
You go chasin' down the women and drinkin' up the beer

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