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Intro Lyrics

Album Name : Albert Einstein
Release Date : 2013-06-11
Song Duration : 00:25

Alchemist Intro

I wanna take this time, I'm alright now. [screams]
I know... that alot of you may...
Have heard or may not heard... that we had a bus accident...
In, uuuhm... Kansas City... in Missouri.
And uhm... our DJ, Alchemist... right now...
He's doin' better, he was in incredible condition, but...
He's stabil now, he's walkin' around. [screams] [crowd ovation]
All his ribs are broken, his lungs are collapsed... [crowd ovation] [screams] [whitles]
You know? We always say in the court: "No blood, no foul! "
Fuck it! Let's go! [echoes] (AA-AA-Al-Al-Al- Alchemist!)
"You better check the files, you better check the files, you better check the files! " [echoes]
"Mixed with The A-L-C! " [echoes]

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