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Celebrity Lyrics

Album Name : Havoc and Bright Lights (Deluxe Version)
Release Date : 2012-08-28
Song Duration : 3:58

Alanis Morissette Celebrity

I have tasted stardom still before I breathed
My something something something
And I have never left this ambitious city
And I've only known a lust for VIP

I have studied long and hard had to proceed
Nothing but my name in bright lights called to me
And I display the perfect amount of en oui
I'll carve my face a bit, you'll indulge me

Give me celebrity my kingdom to be famous
Tell me who I have to be
Starting to be famous

Never wonder who's pulling strings above me
Cause I'm aware of wheels, heels, and vintage Gucci
I'm on my twentieth round of vitamin v
And I'll cut my weight until you'll have me

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