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You Are My Everything Lyrics

Al Green You Are My Everything

Sometimes I do
Then again I don't
Sometimes I will
Then again I won't

Everything to me
You are my every... everything

Sometimes it's yes
Then again it's no
Sometimes I really wish that
Then again I'm one of both

You are my day shouting right
So I won't complain
You are my every... everything

Call me in the morning
Won't you call me in the afternoon
Call me everynow but long distance real soon
I gotta walk and'a talk of the joy in the whole world
You're my everything, you're my high
You're my everything

It's hard for me to explain

Wait a minute

What more could I want
Every year by my side
This love is everlasting
I set the chain high

You're my life
You're the strength of my life

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