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Golden Lyrics

Al Axy Golden

Someone tell me if there‘s anything left to say
Nobody‘s listening, ‘cause both of us are gone
Tears were wasted, finally they have gone away
A silence fills this empty house, proving that we‘re done

The curtain falls, the lights go out
Leaving just a deep black hole behind
I‘ll keep on digging, cause I‘m sure
That making room was long overdue

I‘ll never be the same again
Since you‘ve let in the rain
To wash the trust away
I cannot forget this day
Sometimes I felt weak
But it seems I was far too strong for you
Some moments were golden
Why couldn‘t you be it too?

We were haunted by a shadow in the night
And it grew bigger, because you‘ve let it to
You were heading for the nearest exit sign
I‘m so numb but this feeling isn‘t new

You‘ve been lying, hiding things
Telling me that trust is all you seek
Now I‘m free from all your games
What goes around comes around


No, no, no
Oh, why couldn‘t you be it too?
No, no, no
Why couldn‘t you be it too?

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