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Sacrifice To The Sea Demons Lyrics

Akerbeltz Sacrifice To The Sea Demons

Devils of the sea, remember!
Dwellers of the underworld,
Spirits of the depths, remember
Captives of an unbroken spell,
They hear a sudden call from
The deep, a glimpse into the
Endless night, it brings the
Congregation of ten to the
Sand of a virgin beach, the
Stars show the way, sea burial
For living disciples on the
Spring of life, at the funeral
Pire, tears of dispear are
Swallen by the sea, fire on the
Beach! Waves start to rumble,
Black clouds darken the sky,
The storm comes from the
Northern horizon, now the
Rain starts to fall down,
Water into water, the
Lightning strikes at dawn, the
Skies and the sea become as

Solo: Drowning into the dark sea

Now the fog involves the
Violent fire absorving the
Ashes, spirits of the elder
Victims appear in a desperate
Pledge for mercy, but the sea
Will never stop, remember!

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