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Crushing The Wall Of Time Lyrics

Aisling Crushing The Wall Of Time

Wide open mind is clear
A distant voice emerges
From the deep luxuriant forest
The almighty force of ancients pervades my soul

Wide open Fate is clear
They are calling me - resistance is futile
The chains of blood are teased
The time of salvation has come

An enormous green and dark flame
Burns the insane fears
There is a surrounding magic around here
The skin loses it's epidermic fear

Short flashback of the past infamous life
Abhorred reduced to ashes
"The future is awaiting for my coming
Long paths in several wrong places
For the transgressor of the cosmic order law
False Messiahs (bringer) of corrupted values
Will triumph In the mind of the empty mass
But the eternal salvation is far beyond
Where no pathway goes
A fusion in deep spiritual walk between
The cosmic essence And Nature through blood"

The Ancestral spirit evoked emerges
From the frozen tomb of mankind
The broken continuity became a loud memory
I crushed the wall of time
I crushed the dominion of illusions
The past is alive

"The almighty force of ancients pervades my soul
I am the wolf - the obscure abyss and cave
The solar distortion - the druid of my life"