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Jaime's Song Lyrics

Album Name : Terrible Things Happen
Release Date : 1998-09-01
Song Duration : 4:03

Aislers Set Jaime's Song
Should have known this kid would get a bit lonely.
The drinking's good and most of what a friend should be.
Shady signs and steins they call to me.
Airplanes are falling from the sky for me.
Letters from a friend, flattened coke or gin. I can never win.
All I want has been taken up in front of me.
You get what you pay for and not what you wait for.
And I can afford all the time alone
and I can see your pennies free but I won't be had by bribery.
I could have stopped to see if everything's alright.
Falling stars and airplanes, they light the night.
To the sky we've taken, you and I.
The window's closed, but I have all the world despite
letters from a friend, flattened coke or gin.
You can always be what you want to be.
Anything in front of me.
You get who you play for and not who you wait for.
And I've been just waiting here all alone
and I don't like the scenery anymore.
Planes stopped falling down.
They're gone and I'm alone.

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