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Things Happen Lyrics

Air Liquide Things Happen

I was in Los Padres National Forest
in the wilderness area and we were hunting Russian boar
and I... thought I seen a, I seen a Big Foot
and I instantly thought a million dollars,
shoot it and make a million dollars
and I drew on it
and I couldn't pull the trigger of my pistol
and I tried for five minutes
while it watched me
and I put it back, put the pistol back in my pocket
and took off running scared to death
and I went back to my friend.
I told him about it
and he said "Well you must have been halucinating."
"O.K. I was.."

and that night we were in the tent playin' cards...
and uhh... we just finished a hand and he was lookin' out the tent and he says,
he says to me, he turns to me,
he says "Norman, look at the funny lights up on the mountain."
It was about three-quarters of a mile away, three of em'
they got larger and larger.
and then I jumped up and stood in front of the tent door and a blue one flashed across the side of the mountain and another one came over the top.
It lit up about three acres.

and I turned to him, I says "Joe...did you see that?"
He had his head covered up and I went to shake him
and he says "I'm asleep leave me alone, leave me alone."
and just then our camp-site lit up as bright as day
and we blanked out.

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