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Midnight Lyrics

Album Name : 50 Tracks - Nature Sounds & Relaxing Music for Massage, Spa, Yoga, Relaxation, N
Release Date : 2012-05-08
Song Duration : 2:55

Ages Midnight

What's your excuse for all of this?
It's 12 o'clock and it's times like these I know for sure won't be missed
but for now, it'll always be raining in my mind
I can't take back what I said, words that go your way seem to disconnect
It's burning me inside and out, but yet my heart's so cold.
It's another night I have to face being all alone.
I never thought it was possible, but I'm seeing shades of grey.
This weight you left me, just gave you away.
I won't face today, all my thoughts keep bringing me down
Not a single sign of relief, I'm forever buried underneath your knees
Burned inside my head,
Images of everything I had.
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