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Feelings Lyrics

Album Name : Serpent's Embrace
Release Date : 2004-06-21
Song Duration : 5:27

Agathodaimon Feelings

Endless fear, darkness holds me
I don't know it I am wrong or right
Where is my world that I loved so before?
All has gone, bleeding, dying

You don't know what you have done to me
Left me hollow inside, feel like dirt
I wanna slam you, just wanna kill you
All I want to see is you, lying down in pain

Forever I will hate you
Is all that I can say
Leaving the ghost of you behind
Tears of sorrow I will never spill again
Scratching your face out of my mind

Are you really sure what you wanna be now?
It's just a fake to me, yes
F**k yourself and die a painful death
I don't need you to love me anymore
Get away and leave my life alone
One step away of twisting your neck
The crown of the human race
F**k you, is it really you

Loving you, killing you, loving you...

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