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Bonus Round Lyrics

Aesop Rock Bonus Round

Bonus round
This is hot tin roof stepper hold it down with
centipede foundation
Mr. Greed he burns rugged obstructions and bunches
Like little Jackie paper puffs the magic dragon and
We don’t need another hero homey
Gallop off on your my little one trick pony
Holly hobby Polly pocket pretty fuchsia destiny
If the slipper fits fire up Cinderella’s propeller and
curtsy for the Munchkins
Right before Aesop rock smash the pumpkin
Iron on gusto rust only on blood stream What’s better?
When the wrest slit it leaks out only the bloodiest
bubble letters
Complete without lines fill-ins date shading and shout-
out columns
For vagrant colonies to follow in redeeming bottles
You’re a little tea pot
Tryin’ to eavesdrop
On mammoth route
Peekin’ out from the rose bush like ‘here is my handle
here is my spout’
Godzilla jukie
Used to be in love now out for giga-pussy
Sorry to offend but sometimes life bends in the middle
So now you got a fulcrum where there used to be a
And now I got pulse that bumps less than a cocaine
And now I got no 9 to 5 and still Labor Day’s flicker
And now I got a 9 millimeter cue tip with an itchy
trigger finger
See I don’t really feel your persona distortion
Ordered by martyrs who martyr self for martyr sake
Wow fame if notoriety grew adjacent to jealous dick
writing sediments
I’d give you a pound like ‘greetings Mr. President’
(Now go do your homework)

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