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Song For The Dead King Lyrics

Album Name : Song for the Dead King
Release Date : 2005-11-15
Song Duration : 4:51

Aerium Song For The Dead King

Tell me
Who condemned you to leave the dying world?
How could they dare to make this shabby act?
They disappeared in the sands of centuries.
You only left with us the hope and a shine of gold.
Why do you linger on in memories?
Why don't you give a sign and show your will,
Call us to arms, have your revenge, and break the seal.
Turn all the gold to steel

Every time we hear your anthem, we can't keep ourselves in hand
We're dommed to wait for your coming, oh, king of our homeland
When the day comes we intend to make blood-guilty people pay!
Though we may fail, We will still try. We'll clear your way.

Prove me
Disperse my doubts and show your saddened face
I promise not to recoil from wierd view
If you can hear me, just look inside my heart
You'll see that there is no space for someone else
Had I betrayed you only once? no, I had not!
Show me no mercy and take my breath away
I know you'll never forget but never say.
I sing this song for your way.

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