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Soul Machine Lyrics

Aeon Zen Soul Machine

I am one

This machine, built to tower over
Non-entities that want to know on whose side they fight
Bringing life to legions of the former souls
Reborn to serve their purpose, now they yearn to die

You are my self
Living through me

Feeding on empathy, the soul machine creates its army
Self destructive past
No anger left
Ain't good enough
Consuming fear and greed, the soul machine creates its army
From dust to dust
They're dust no more
The ashes of the human race reborn

We are one soul
Growing stronger in ways that you cannot possibly comprehend
We are one soul
Systematic indoctrination telling you that we are one soul

I have found a waterfall
Flowing through our conscious mind and we are brought to life
We are one soul

I am one
I am one soul
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